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Prato della Valle, Padova 02.06.2006 (First play of MOTP ever)|Arena di Verona, Verona 16.07.2007|Futurshow Station, Bologna 21.11.2009|San Siro Stadium, Milano 08.06.2010 (Back In Black)| Pesaro and Bologna 2012

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DJ Crissy Cris - Hullabaloo Vinyl? Didnt know this existed

frutiger75 - according to matt, no dvd will be released for the DWT and/or any of the 2015/16 footage. broadcast, download, & streaming...

nathanjhunt - I think the era of physical releases is well and truly dead

Lost Child - Dig Down has the same progression as George Michaels Freedom in the chorus. Not sure if thats a good or a bad thing! Possibly bad :/

Irockz - Praying this gets a physical release.

nathanjhunt - New single today. I was up at 7am to check the website. 9:30 and nothing yet... Rumours that there wont be an album, but a string of singles or EP

nathanjhunt - After a long absence from collecting, Im getting back into collecting vinyls. Latest purchases have been Biffy and Kasabian, but Muse will be next

The007k01 - Great finds! I am after 2 Promos to complete my promo collection. After Dead Star promo MUSE20 + Undisclosed Desires promo. PM me if anyone is selling

john180565 - Just got The Resistance box set 5.1 in mint condition for £48 from eBay. Also got Resistance 7" pic disc for £75 in mint from eBay. Great April!

Frederased - Now I guess that theres nothing left to be discovered on thermodynamics :