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 on: Jul 12, 10:32:00AM 
Started by stingraywings - Last post by stingraywings
Hi all,

I'm cutting down on my collection and selling off most of it for various reasons but mostly money. I've had a few things on eBay recently but I've decided to post a big list here so you guys can just make offers directly to me, I can make the money I need and my stuff can go directly to other collectors!

Postage within the UK is free under 20, 1.50 under 50 and 4 over 50, just to cover the more expensive delivery methods. Please get in touch for an international quote as prices can vary wildly!

Most items are in great condition but I'll let you know the exact details on anything including sending photos if you pm me.

List of items:
7" Singles:
-Muscle Museum US Mix

CD Singles and Promos:
-Uno Germany
-Uno promo (MUSE1)
-Cave promo (MUSE2)
-Muscle Museum 2-track US promo (PRO-CD-9841)
-Muscle Museum promo (MUSE5)
-Muscle Museum Germany
-Sunburn promo (MUSE6)
-Sunburn Germany
-Unintended promo (MUSE8)
-Unintended Germany 2-track promo (No cat #)
-Unintended Benelux
-Muscle Museum Re-issue promo (MUSE10)

-Plug in Baby promo (MUSE11)
-Plug in Baby Japan
-New Born promo (MUSE12)
-New Born remix promo (MUSE16)
-New Born Benelux
-Bliss promo (MUSE17)
-Hyper Music box set Japan
-Feeling Good promo (MUSE18)
-Feeling Good second promo (MUSE19)

-Dead Star promo (MUSE20)
-Dead Star German promo ("Dear Star")
-Dead Star Japan

-Time is Running Out promo (static bag)
-Time is Running Out German promo
-Time is Running Out Japan
-Hysteria promo (static bag)
-Sing for Absolution promo (static bag)
-Sing for Absolution Benelux box (disc 1 only, with paper placeholder inserts for 2 and 3)
-Butterflied and Hurricanes promo (static bag)

-Supermassive Black Hole promo (scratch panel intact)
-Starlight promo (grey)
-Starlight EU promo (PRO15973)
-Knights of Cydonia promo (black slipcase)
-Invincible promo (black disc in jewelcase)
-Invincible promo (grey disc in vacuum pack, SEALED)

-Uprising promo (cardboard)
-Undisclosed Desires Germany (paper sleeve)
-Undisclosed Desires Germany (jewel case)
-Undisclosed Desires remixes promo
-Resistance Tiesto Remix promo

-Supremacy promo (red sleeve)

-Mercy promo (handwritten disc)

CD albums:
-Showbiz sampler (MUSE2)
-Showbiz sampler Germany
-Showbiz promo (MUSE14, no spanner)
-Showbiz USA promo (white cover with blue squares)
-Showbiz Japan (standard first issue without white slipcase)

-Random 1-8 (misprinted logo)

-OoS promo (MUSE14, no screwdriver)
-OoS Japan (digipak)

-Absolution promo (silver bag)

-The 2nd Law Argentina jewelcase
-The 2nd Law Japan CD+DVD

If you have any questions, please pm me!

 on: Jul 06, 06:00:27PM 
Started by Maria Nero - Last post by Maria Nero
I have this beauty of a UK CD Promo of Showbiz signed by the band BUT I'M MISSING THE SPANNER!!! Anyone have an extra?

 on: Jul 06, 04:28:52PM 
Started by Maria Nero - Last post by Maria Nero
Hi Everyone!

I just recently joined MC and I'm wondering about how to go about updating the discography. I'm seeing missing images especially from Drones.

Also, is there a section for "unofficial" release images such as the B-Sides and Rarities? I have a few of these unofficials such as Live from ITunes CD & DVD and Live from Glastonbury 2016.  Most appear to be Russian releases.

Thanks for letting me join! I absolutely LOVE Muse!

Maria Nero

 on: Jul 05, 05:26:12PM 
Started by Maria Nero - Last post by Maria Nero
Looking for adverts for muse albums/singles/gigs. I have a few but looking for more. My current fave is for Unintended from June 10 2000 from NME.

 on: Jul 05, 05:20:45PM 
Started by Fele - Last post by Maria Nero
I got this from the doorman at Mississippi Nights club in St. Louis MO from the April 26 2004 show. He got the booklet signed by the band.  :-*

 on: Jul 02, 11:20:42PM 
Started by foozle - Last post by foozle
Hello all.

I'm selling my Showbiz & Origin of Symmetry singles box sets.

They've been in my parents' attic for the past 8 years, so it's time someone who will appreciate them more had them.

They're on ebay here: Showbiz    Origin of Symmetry

Also willing to consider direct offers. Just shoot me a PM.


 on: Jul 01, 03:23:25PM 
Started by heropsychodreamer - Last post by heropsychodreamer

I have a copy of the UK cd/dvd of absolution which has hysteria interlude the wrong way round on the tracklisting. Does anyone know if this is worth much? the discs and booklet are fine however the case is a bit worn as its quite old now.

 on: Jun 26, 07:10:25PM 
Started by spg - Last post by spg
hi, musecollectors,
I have a handful of EP'S I would like to sell!.
Muse EP mint condition 250  + postage
Muscle Museum EP mint condition 179.99 + postage
Muscle Museum EP Promo mint condition 79.99 + postage
Showbiz U.K Promo CD (MUSE4) + Spanner excellent condition 99.99 + postage
please PM me if interested, and I will send photo's if you want them!.
best wishes, spg.

 on: Jun 14, 08:07:00PM 
Started by Tom - Last post by Citizen SSL

This is fantastic! I have a 'Hullabaloo' 2cd version which doesn't appear in the discography section. CODE: 5050466888723. Which country is it from?

Also, there are some releases such as the ones in Benelux that aren't listed.

That Hullabaloo is an European 2003 re-release :)

 on: Jun 13, 10:28:24PM 
Started by Tom - Last post by symmetricalmind

This is fantastic! I have a 'Hullabaloo' 2cd version which doesn't appear in the discography section. CODE: 5050466888723. Which country is it from?

Also, there are some releases such as the ones in Benelux that aren't listed.


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DJ Crissy Cris - Hullabaloo Vinyl? Didnt know this existed

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nathanjhunt - I think the era of physical releases is well and truly dead

Lost Child - Dig Down has the same progression as George Michaels Freedom in the chorus. Not sure if thats a good or a bad thing! Possibly bad :/

Irockz - Praying this gets a physical release.

nathanjhunt - New single today. I was up at 7am to check the website. 9:30 and nothing yet... Rumours that there wont be an album, but a string of singles or EP

nathanjhunt - After a long absence from collecting, Im getting back into collecting vinyls. Latest purchases have been Biffy and Kasabian, but Muse will be next

The007k01 - Great finds! I am after 2 Promos to complete my promo collection. After Dead Star promo MUSE20 + Undisclosed Desires promo. PM me if anyone is selling

john180565 - Just got The Resistance box set 5.1 in mint condition for £48 from eBay. Also got Resistance 7" pic disc for £75 in mint from eBay. Great April!

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