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Author Topic: Pre Muse Flyer (1992 - Gothic Plague)  (Read 2475 times)
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« on: Feb 12, 11:15:25AM »

Very Rare Pre MUSE Gig Flyer – VGC – Circa 1992

Here we have possibly the earliest piece of MUSE memorabilia (I cannot and will not back this up but I would love to know if anyone has anything as old….)

I was helping out at the gig by setting up the stage for my friends band ‘Bagpuss Shot Kennedy’ and was given the glamorous task of handing out flyers up by the Chip Shop in Kingsway, Teignmouth on the cold night before Christmas (anyone from Teignmouth will tell you that this is not the best area to be standing about at night).

Now my memory is very good and I seem to recall that I was 20 years old, making it 1992, here are some memories of the night……

I was made to pay my £1 at the door by a guy who used to work at Broadmeadow Sports Centre called Shane Peterson……thanks mate !!
The Meadow Centre was a small ‘scout hut’ type building which was situated at the top of a huge flight of steps leading up from the sports centre
It was bloody freezing and I got fed up dishing out flyers so gave some kid £1 and a huge wad of these to hand out for me and I slipped back into the gig and had a few beers!!
I recall Dom on drums and Matt singing his heart out and was sat down after their set, he was absolutely knackered. He had longish hair and was so young!! Very funny, I went over and said what a great set he had played, he thanked me and wandered off into the throes of young girls……nothing changes there !!
I cannot recall any songs that the bands played other than a few cover versions that my mates band played, Carter USM – Shoppers Paradise, Chumbawamba – Happiness Is just a chant away, Wonderstuff – Don’t Let Me Down This was sung by Chris Venning’s (then drummer of Bagpuss Shot Kennedy) brother, Graham Venning who sadly passed away in 2006, RIP mate….

The flyer itself is printed on standard school pink paper (I think that they printed the flyers on Blue and Pink paper as I used to have a blue one many moons ago), measures approx 6 x 4 inches and is in very good condition for its age. The flyer has been in my wallet for years folded a few times (see pics), don't ask me why, maybe on the hope that I may bump into the guys back in Teignmouth one day when I am home visiting the folks?
I have taken some close up shots of the text, feel free to ask any questions.

I have received many questions on the official MUSE website forum where they say that both Fixed Penalty and Gothic Plague could NOT have played on the same bill as they were the same band…….they weren’t, Chris was in Fixed Penalty whereas Matt and Dom were in Gothic Plague…..I cannot recall any of the Fixed Penalty set.

God only knows who Auqvod Zoo were…..

All in all, a very rare piece of original pre-MUSE memorabilia that would look great in a frame on the wall.

* P1013535.jpg (165.11 kB, 640x480 - viewed 309 times.)

* P1013537.jpg (146.74 kB, 640x480 - viewed 200 times.)

* P1013536.jpg (164.58 kB, 640x480 - viewed 261 times.)
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« Reply #2 on: Mar 13, 07:02:31AM »

Gosh!!!!!!.....speechless :o

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